Friday, September 25, 2015

Practical Learning

Vinoba Bhave(A great saint and spiritual Guru of Mahatma Gandhi) has written:

"We should learn while living the life. Now a days the situation has become such that people waste their most valuable time (early years of life) in school and then suddenly they are dropped in the struggle of life.
Lord Krishna gave the lesson of Gita to Arjuna on the field of war, not gave lesson first in classroom and then went on war!"

This tells a lot about current days' situation. We learn all subjects in school and college: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, English, Hindi, Sanskrit. But if think honestly, it comes to know that we do not learn any skill to live our life. Only one exam to be eligible to give another exam. Not even a simple formula from math comes in my daily use. No lesson from Physics seems to be useful in my daily life. No chemical formula is useful enough which can tell me which medicine should I take or not. Biology did not throw light upon the value of life of animals in my environment. History never gave a non-prejudicial view of past. It never inspired us to research into the past and to question about common perceptions such as when life started on earth. Geography never connects with economics of the places, it never connect with history of that locality, never connects with the trade which happens between two communities. Subjects on different languages like English, Hindi, Sanskrit never told us that language is only a medium to express ourselves. There should not be any compulsion to learn any particular language. Mother tongue should be the medium of learning and in future learner can learn a language if  he is ready.

Every day we deal with food. It is necessary to live. We want to eat healthy and nutritious. We want to know how much we should eat to avoid digestion problems. But in school curriculum, this things do not get any place, and if get, in very theoretical form.

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